A Killer, I Wish

A Killer, I Wish

A novel about the difficulty of loving and killing.

In 1999 a woman is senselessly killed in the Helsinki subway. Five years later the killers are to be released from prison and the woman’s husband is planning revenge. This is why he contacts Anto Bernhard, a recovering alcoholic and former TV producer as well as a violent criminal deep in debt. In a matter of days, Anto has to decide which direction his life is going to take. A Killer, I Wish is a story of love, hate and forgiveness.



A Killer, I Wish is not your typical crime novel. It is written from the point of view of the main character and has a strong Helsinki milieu. The other characters are seen and constructed through Anto, the main character. The book describes the harsh reality of today’s Helsinki and has a certain pessimism. The novel is Tuomainen’s first and it is a great display of his talent as a writer.”
Pohjalainen (Finland)

”Antti Tuomainen’s first novel asks real questions about real life, and that makes it delightfully serious. .. Linguistically Tuomainen’s brilliance is at least on the level of crime novels’ biggest selling names.”
Helsingin Sanomat (Finland)