The Mine

A hitman. A journalist. A family torn apart. Can he uncover the truth before it’s too late?

In the dead of winter, investigative reporter Janne Vuori sets out to uncover the truth about a mining company, whose illegal activities have created an environmental disaster in a small town in Northern Finland. When the company’s executives begin to die in a string of mysterious accidents, and Janne’s personal life starts to unravel, past meets present in a catastrophic series of events that could cost him his life.

A traumatic story of family, a study in corruption, and a shocking reminder that secrets from the past can return to haunt us, with deadly results. The Mine is a gripping, beautifully written, terrifying and explosive thriller by the King of Helsinki Noir.





”Right up there with the best.”
Times Literary Supplement, UK

”Tuomainen reaffirms your faith in the crime novel. /…/ In the genre of crime, Tuomainen has created his own style, both linguistically and story-wise. There is the social aspect, the protagonist (no policemen so far, by the way) who acts according to his own high sense of morals, and the language: descriptive and evocative, it is at times a pure joy to read.”
Etelä-Saimaa, Finland

”You can practically taste the Nordic class – the intensity of Stieg Larssonand the deliberately faded tones of the TV-series The Bridge. /…/ The style is close to perfect.”
Kainuun Sanomat, Finland

”Exquisite suspense without any unnecessary frills.”
Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

”Tuomainen has the gift to sense and detect meaning in things that the so-called average eye doesn’t register.”
Turun Sanomat, Finland

”The Mine, the fifth novel of The Clue Award winning Tuomainen, is an impressing confirmation of his status among the very elite of crime literature. … Tuomainen’s way of writing is superb. He portrays his subjects in dark shades, zooming into characteristic details, carefully rationing and skillfully leaving plenty for the reader to deduce.”
Ruumiin Kulttuuri, Finland

”Tuomainen knows both how to build an intense thriller and how to show human beings and families truthfully and discerningly.”
MeNaiset, Finland

What the bloggers say:

‘As I read I felt a storm gathering, a force, a reckoning started to hurtle towards me, and in the middle of this the importance of family sits centre stage. The violence is prominent, yet there is a subtle thought provoking energy that twists through this tale, and ensures that ‘The Mine’ is an absolutely cracking read.’ Love Reading

‘The Mine is the perfect read for fans of the whole conspiracy and cover up theme. Unfortunately it isn’t one of my favourites and I did struggle to fully get into the novel as it tends to be a subject I prefer to watch on a screen rather than in a book for some reason, but would certainly urge fans of it to have a read as I definitely think it’s one they would enjoy.’ By The Letter Book Reviews

‘The Mine is another beautifully written and absorbing read from the Orenda books stable – it is not a long read but it is an extremely compelling one … I adored the sense of place that Antti Tuomainen brings to this book, descriptively speaking it is intense and gorgeous, one of those stories that absorbs you into its vortex for the time you spend reading it.’ Liz Loves Books

‘I can highly recommend this fast paced thriller with its sparse yet highly descriptive language. It works as an emotional thriller too as the reader is unsure of how Janne’s actions will affect his delicate family situation and the theme of how secrets kept can both hinder and help emotional relationships.’ Shaz’s Book Blog

‘An excellent thriller with all the earmarks of Scandi Noir, gripping, elegant and looks to the bigger issues that play an important role in society – in this case the environmental disasters surrounding the mine and the corruption in covering it up.’ The Quiet Knitter

‘Topical. Frightening. Beautifully written, with a fast-moving story, which makes it almost impossible to put down. Plus it’s a standalone, so you haven’t missed anything up until now. This is another absolute belter from Orenda, but, really, you wouldn’t expect anything less by now, would you?!’ Crime Worm

‘Antti Tuomainen begins The Mine with an intriguing and enticing prologue. The reader doesn’t know who the character is, but these couple of pages are written with such care and clarity that you are captured straight away ….. and then left wondering ….The Mine is an excellent thriller that deals with extremely topical issues. The setting is perfect and the translation is so well done. Oh, and that ending …….’ Random Things Through My Letter Box

‘The writing is utterly compelling – I read this book in a sitting. I shivered at the bleakness and cold of a wintery Finland evoked. The layers of Janne’s character – his need to write, his desire not to let his family down, his demand for validation and support despite offering little in return – made for thought provoking reading. It was hard not to sympathise with all concerned. The denouement tied up each plot thread whilst skillfully maintaining the bones of all that had gone before. Questionable decisions were made but they fit perfectly the characters and story. In many ways this is a straightforward crime thriller but the execution achieves so much more. It provides a dark and altogether satisfying read.’ Never Imitate

‘If you know me, and read my blog, you’ll know that these are the books that keep me warm at night. The colder the climate, the happier I am as a reader. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Mine. Antti Tuomainen’s skillful storytelling is as sharp as an ice pick, and I cannot wait to read more from him. I can’t say much more. If you like your thrillers to be peppered with a little bit of conspiracy and action, then The Mine is most certainly one to pick up!’
Bibliophile Book Club

‘Part crime story, part conspiracy, with a dash of mystery thrown in for good measure. It’s a splendid concoction of beautifully evocative locations and compelling characters … Definitely a page-turner that’ll keep you up into the wee small hours, though it’s a pretty quick read so not *too* many late nights!’ Espresso Coco

‘The pacing and style are brilliantly effective; calmly drawing you in until you realise you’re practically up to your knees in Finnish snow and up to your neck in a complex mystery and there’s no way you’re gonna want to leave this story even after the last page is turned.’ Mumbling About

‘The Mine is an emotionally-charged thought-provoking Finnish environmental thriller. It’s stunningly written and translated seamlessly – no word is out of the place and the descriptions provide an amazing sense of the chilling frozen setting. I was totally gripped throughout and struggled to put the book down (other than to sleep) … This is a stunning book – yet another winner from Orenda. The Mine is a book that will stay with me for a long while.’
Off-The-Shelf Books

‘The author’s beautiful writing is one of the reasons I loved this book as much as I did because it played out like a movie in my mind and I could really buy into what was happening in the story because of that. The entire book had me gripped from start to finish and did not disappoint come the end.’ Reviewed The Book

‘I could just picture the snow and hear the silence due to the fact no one was around. It was extremely atmospheric. More important and current topics are covered in this book as it touches on environmental activists and the damage that we as humans are doing to the world. It was very cleverly done and showed different ways that people go about raising awareness. Overall a great book and another one I have already been recommending.’
Life of a Nerdish Mum

‘The book is really well written and the author painted such a vivid picture of Finland, that I could imagine I was there. In fact, all the descriptions of the snow made me dig out my fleecy blanket and thermal socks as I really began to feel that cold. Due to the author’s description of Finland, I have now put it down on my list of places to visit. In short, I did enjoy this book overall and I really would recommend it to others. I award this book 4* out of 5*.’ Ginger Book Geek

‘What really captivated me about this book was not the plot, though that was interesting enough. Rather it was the outstanding writing and deep characterization that really drew me in. Tuomainen’s writing is simply remarkable and has an air of sophistication that enthralled me. This was such a vividly detailed atmosphere that I could feel the chill in the air and felt as if I looked out my own window I would see fat snowflakes falling from the sky.’ Novel Gossip

‘The Mine is a gripping and traumatic environmental thriller and how far people will go to hide the truth, while secrets from the past come back to haunt you. The book is well written and has been translated by David Hackston, so that none of the beauty and elegance of Tuomainen’s prose is not lost to the reader.’ Atticus Finch

‘This is a beautifully written book with some very strong characters. Janne and Emil with their tortured relationship, but also Pauliina, finding it difficult to cope with Janne’s career and the fact that he invests so much time and effort into it … I really enjoyed this book which was beautifully written, and credit must go to the translator, David Hackston, as it is impossible to tell it is in translation.’ Reading Writes

‘What I loved most about this story—beyond its vivid landscapes, beautiful language, and page-turning plot—was its big heart. Following Janne’s character development is truly the most compelling part of this novel. Watching him uncover secrets from his own past, and watching him grapple with lessons he must learn with his own family, make this a heartfelt and emotional read. This is a redemptive and surprisingly optimistic story—a breath of fresh air, and a crime novel guaranteed to tug at your heart.’ Crime by the Book

‘Intelligent, gripping and full of a cold noirish wintery landscape! Personally I would have preferred the novel to focus more on the intriguing father/son dynamics, than corruption associated with big business. Worth a read, especially for the insight into Finland and tangled human relationships.’ Northern Crime

‘Despite a superficially happy ending I couldn’t really think that the prospects are bright for anyone at the end of this book. But at least some of them survive… A chilling (in every sense of the words) and very different take on human motivations, reaping what you sow and trying to make the best of things. Also excellent lucid prose from translator David Hackston.’ Blue Book Balloon

‘The isolation and loneliness that the characters experienced were all very convincing. Remote villages, completely cut off from the cities. Some scenes were quite cold, not just because of the weather with its eye watering amounts of snow but also attitudes with the need to keep the truth about the mine quiet. The ending was a little unexpected, but after digesting it for a few days I think it worked very well.’ Steph’s Book Blog

‘Strongly in evidence in his previous books is Tuomainen’s knack for rootling around in the depths of people’s .emotional selves, and depicting them so transparently that you cannot be helped as a reader to being utterly drawn into his characters. I felt like I came to know all these people intimately as the story progressed, with increasing amounts of either complete empathy or moral outrage at the situations they find themselves in. This is fiction writing at its best, highlighting the power to move, unsettle and educate the reader, and hold them completely into its thrall. Highly recommended.’ Raven Crime Reads

‘I enjoyed reading The Mine and found it to be a well written, intriguing story with plenty of secrets to be revealed along the way. A chilling tale of secrets and lies, and the lengths we go to uncover the truth.’ The Owl on the Bookshelf

‘The Mine is an ecological conspiracy drama with all the darkness , secrets and murder we’ve come to love from the Nordic Noir genre but what really sets this novel, and Tuomainen’s writing apart, is the character driven family sub plot which underpins the entire story. The Mine itself is a wonderful metaphor for the hidden secrets and lies that are buried deep within the psyche of man.’
Words Shortlist

‘I read The Mine over a couple of days (it was my commute book) and I found myself wholly absorbed by the story. Big shout to David Hackston who has done a phenomenal job with the translation of the original work as I was completely sucked in by the telling of the tale. The locations felt real and I could easily visualise the bleak Northern landscapes. The tension between Janne and his partner Pauliina made me feel uncomfortable and the awkwardness when Janne meets an unexpected face from his past was handled superbly. There are so many layers of story and characterisation to The Mine which give the story that extra edge.’ Grab This Book

‘Tuomainen, translated into English by David Hackston, writes with pace and style, weaving Janne’s first person story together with blogs, emails and news articles and a second, off-kilter narrative that gradually comes into focus.There are similarities with Ari Thór Arason in Ragnar Jónasson’s Dark Iceland series; Janne and Ari Thór are both young men with disturbed pasts, in search of resolution and their own identities. As Janne is confronted with a series of impossible dilemmas, he has to decide where his own morality lies and what it is that he holds most dear.’ Claire Thinking

‘The book glides towards the end, as though on ice as the momentum of tension comes to a natural end. This is a well thought through story and excellently written, undoubted credit goes to David Hackston, who translated the original. As you read this book I challenge you not to silently mouth the innumerable vowels that appear in the Finish language, in an attempt at pronunciation… Töölö for example is quite a mouthful for an English reader. It is much like eating a doughnut and not licking your lips!’
Trip Fiction

‘As Vuori gets closer to the truth, the more Tuomainen steps up the stakes, making this an increasingly tense and potentially explosive read. Tuomainen’s fifth novel might feel fairly traditional during its first few chapters but as the shifting perspectives start to merge and different media are introduced, the reader also becomes an investigator, watching connections spread. This is a smart, beautifully translated novel that you should make your own.’ Crime Scene

‘The pace is fast and not one chapter passes without a significant piece of detail coming to light, which I loved. Written in both first and third person narratives, I also liked that the perspective and investigation came from somewhere other than the police line. Janne isn’t out to uncover the crime per se, but moreover the truth – but boy, a lot of crimes take place throughout the duration of the story.’
The Very Pink Notebook

‘The Mine is as much about human relationships as it is about crime and environmental disaster. The themes of fate, destiny and family are the stock and trade of Nordic noir, but The Mine will stand also as an excellent example of the genre’s increasing emphasis on environmental injustice in its purview of social concerns.’ Crime Fiction Lover

‘This was such an enjoyable read that I could easily have read it in one sitting, but I wasn’t ready to leave the Finnish atmosphere so I spread my read over two days, and I’m already eager to return to the Nordic setting. The Mine is a subtle thriller, with its dark and moody atmosphere surrounding the plot, this book has that special something, when a book is not particularly fast-paced but your absorbed by the plot which is so beautifully suspenseful and real.’ Keeper of Pages

‘The writing in this book, and the translation which is once again completed so skilfully by David Hackston, is so beautifully descriptive that I had a true sense of setting. The cold harsh conditions of the northern Finnish mine were so clear in my mind’s eye that I could easily picture them … It is entertaining and thought provoking and the characters are engaging. It is, simply put, a bloody good story. A chillingly authentic, environmentally challenging 5 stars.’ Jen Med’s Book Reviews

‘The Mine is a tautly written, emotional story with a flawed hero. We have the smells, sights and sounds of Northern Finland, and atmospheric chills aplenty. I was not familiar with Tuomainen but now I’ve another Scandi author for my list.’ The Mine was selected as Book of the Week at Crime Thriller Hound

‘This is a strong novel. It’s a crime thriller with a conscience and unafraid to wear it. It’s never sanctimonious, it doesn’t hector the reader, but one feels the urgency of the crisis of the environment, we get a sense of the damage that we as a species have done while also warming to the protagonist and his family. Highly recommended. 5 stars.’ Crime Novel Reader

‘The Mine is a gripping and traumatic environmental thriller about how far people will go in order to hide the truth. The book is well written and it has been translated by David Hackston, so that none of the beauty and elegance of Tuomainen’s prose is to the reader. The Mine is a thriller that shows off the best of Finnish noir and raises the question of why has it been hidden from the English reader for so long. I’m extremely thankful to Orenda Books for bringing Antti Tuomainen to my attention and I can guarantee this is a book you cannot put down.’ Nudge Book Reviews

‘The environmental plot looks in detail at the viability of mining in North Finland, following a real-life example, but the main story is of a father’s relationship with the son he abandoned as a baby. An elegantly-written environmental thriller, combining message with action, and with an unusual supporting character in the assassain, Emil. Highly recommended.’
Promoting Crime

‘As with most Orenda books, I found this novel to be eerie and unnerving. For those of you who enjoy a smart thriller that relies on careful prose to build tension rather than descriptive violence, this will be a perfect read for you. This book holds no grisly depictions of brutality, instead, Tuomainen relies on the aftermath of the crimes committed and the effects it takes on those around them. I found myself spellbound by the descriptions of the Finnish landscape. Tuomainen perfectly describes the surroundings and I found myself transported through his depictions. I have never been disappointed with an Orenda published read, and The Mine did not put an end to that streak.’ Clues and Reviews

‘The Mine is a compelling read and it carries a real punch. Its style suits the story the author wants to tell and where some authors distract from the message they want to get across with various literary party tricks, Antti Tuomainen tells a simple, yet poetically beautiful tale. In conclusion, this is a strong novel. It’s a crime thriller with a conscience and unafraid to wear that badge. It’s never sanctimonious, it doesn’t hector the reader, but one feels the urgency of the crisis facing the environment. We get a sense of the damage that we as a species have done while also warming to the protagonist and his family. Highly recommended.’ Nudge Books