Antti Aamun Kirjassa. Antti on YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) talking about his new book THE MINE / KAIVOS. (In Finnish)

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Antti with Yrsa Sigurdardottir and Thomas Enger at Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley, California.

Antti on NRK (Norwegian Public Television) discussing The Healer in an interview filmed in Helsinki. (in English)

Antti on YLE’s (Finnish Public Broadcasting Company) interview about literature exporting and his own work. (in Finnish)

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Antti on panel in Belfast with Arne Dahl and Stuart Neville. Led by David Torrans from No Alibis Bookstore in Belfast. (in English)

Antti on YLE’s Morning Television discussing his fourth novel Dark as My Heart. (In Finnish)

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Antti on CrimeTime television discussing writing as a profession. (In Finnish)

Antti on CrimeTime television on reading in regard to writing. (In Finnish)

Antti presenting his short story ”The Crack” in a promotional video. (In Finnish)